Eye Contour Gel: :How to Remove Dark Circles & Eye Wrinkles

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Eye Contour Gel: :How to Remove Dark Circles & Eye Wrinkles


An eye contour gel that removes dark circles under eyes and eye wrinkles for both men and women must contain the best, most effective ingredients available. Nothing makes you look older than bags, dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.  Here’s how to remove the bags and wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance.

Skin care companies as a rule are more concerned about their “bottomline” than putting out a safe and effective product.   I did find a very ethical and honest company who really does care about you.  More on that later.  Read on for some proof of what an effective skin care product should do.

Ingredients That Remove Eye Wrinkles

In one research study, 65% of the participants had a significant reduction in baggy eyes.  What did they do to get such a remarkable result?  They used an ingredient call ‘eyeliss’. Eyeliss is a patent protected ingredient available to only a select few skin care manufacturers.

What is “Eyeliss”?

The ingredients are:
Hesperidin – promotes capillary health
Glycerin – efficient moisturizer
Tryptophan – amino acid aids circulation
Palm oil – good, natural moisturizer
Valine- amino acid that promotes new skin

 Dark Circles – Good Bye!

Clinical study volunteers, whom had dark circles under eyes, were picked to take part.  When they used a gel that had Haloxyl, they had a 60% dark circle decrease.

Haloxyl contains:

*Palm oil and glycerin
*Chrysin, an antioxidant extracted from blue passion flower, the active component for reducing dark circles
*Natural protein peptides that stimulate collagen and elastin production

Dark Circles No More

Another clinical study group that used the proprietary ingredient Haloxyl in the men’s eye gel reported a 60% decrease in dark circles.

Combination of Two Powerful Ingredients

In my research I found a company that uses both Eyeliss and Haloxyl in their eye contour gel.  They also go one better by including essential fatty acids and vitamin A.  This combination makes a very powerfully effective eye gel.  Not only that, to my surprise, this company who seems to be leader in skin care development, has an excellent line of natural multi-nutrient products. They suggest to support your skin care regimen with at least fish oil.  A multi-nutrient supplement would also promote skin health.   I was so happy finding them because the results of their skin and nutritional products are truly amazing.

Now this company suggests that the eye contour gel for men and women be used each day.  Also they suggest that men and women use a cleansing mask and hydrating mask every other week.  I can testify that  this really is effective.

Along with using the eye gel be sure to get plenty of rest each night.  Drink good clean water.  Eat good food and take a supplement of fish oil and multi-nutrient capsule.  This same skin care company also, as mentioned,  makes an excellent line of nutritional supplements.

The last point that I want to stress is this:  Never,  Ever put anything on your face, neck and especiallly around the eyes that you would not eat.  What I mean is this.  What you put on your face could and probably does end up in your mouth.  Which means it may end up in your bloodstream.  So it is better to be safe.  I go into more detail on this on my website listed below.  Thank you, Margaret Bell